Submitting Support Requests

1. Submitting a Support Request

The CSI Help Desk offers various ways for you to submit a support request: by telephone, by email, and by submitting a web form.

To submit a support request by telephone:

  1. Before calling, ensure you have the following information available:

    • Your contact information, including email.

    • A description of your problem.

  2. Dial a number from the list below:

    • Canada and US: 1-866-656-6537

    • International: 1-905-762-7911

      If the support representative is unable to resolve your request immediately, the request is escalated to a Calgary Scientific Inc. Level 2 Support Agent and a notification email is sent to the email address you provided at the start of the call.

For information on how to submit and manage your support requests using the web-based CSI Help Desk interface, refer to the following videos:

If you are unable to access the web-based CSI Help Desk to submit a support request (when submitting from a mobile device), use email instead.

To submit a support request by email:

  1. Email your support request to email to Calgary Scientific Inc. Customer Care and CC anyone who that should be included on the support thread. For example, if a Calgary Scientific Inc. Customer Care agent has helped you previously with a related issue, they might have context for the problem that would help resolve this issue. This can be used for both Calgary Scientific Inc. staff and members of your own organization.

  2. In the Subject field, enter a terse, but informative description. The Subject automatically becomes the title of the support request. This aids the support agent when they are trying to find and contextualize your request.

  3. In the body of the message, include the following information:

    • Your contact details (name, phone number).

    • The type of issue (installation, upgrade or system currently in production) and description.

    • The date and time of the issue. This allows Calgary Scientific Inc. to pin point the issue in the pureweb.log file.

    • The product name and version number.

    • The pureweb.log file from the following location: /opt/CSI/PureWeb/Server/tomcat/logs

    • Any attachments that might be appropriate (including any error messages, log files, or screenshots).

    • Your company’s internal support tracking number for the issue, if one is available.

      Note The body of the email automatically becomes the description for the support request.

After the request has been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement email.

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