Using the Knowledge Base

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1. Using the Knowledge Base

To access and utilize the Calgary Scientific Help Desk Knowledge Base, click the Knowledge Base link in the header of the website.

1.1. Searching for Information

To assist you in finding information, the Knowledge Base is equipped with a comprehensive search engine.

Below are examples of searches criteria:

  • dicomqr

  • thumbnails

  • clustering

  • LDAP

  • SSL

1.2. Browsing Categories, Forums, and Articles

The Knowledge Base is divided into Categories. Each Cateogy contains a number of Forums, and each Forum contains a number of Articles that are specific to that topic. When browsing for information in the Knowledge Base, its best to check the Category headings and then delve deeper into the applicable Forums.

The number next to the Forum title denotes the number of Articles within that specific Forum. To access a list all the Articles within a Forum, click the Forum title.

Knowledge Base Articles contain a varity of information including recommendations, procedures, and issue resolutions. To access an Article, click the Article title. If you want to be notified when an Article is updated, click subscribe.

If you find the Article helpful or useful, click Me too! on the bottom of the page.

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